Monday, 24 June 2013

Give Em' Heaven

That's our zone motto. Very punny huh? Anyway... I like it.
This week has been awesome. First of all the mission broadcast yesterday was just about the best thing in the world. I am so stoked on being a better missionary and really getting united with the members in our ward. Our ward is awesome. I love it. The Bishop yesterday sat down with us after the meeting and was on fire. I know really great things will be happening in our area, they already are.
This week we brought out a girl in our ward who is thinking about putting in her papers. Of course we had an abnormally crazy day while she was with us. It was hot hot hot and humid and I am still getting used to sweating as much as I do here. We talked to a few people, most not very friendly. Then we see this cute little old lady and I think 'oh this will be great, we can talk to her about family history and all will be well... right?' WRONG. So wrong. This cute little old lady starts railing into us about how the Book of Mormon doesn't teach about Jesus Christ and how we are going to hell and how we can't add to the bible. She was laying it down and would just keep talking.  In order to keep the peace and not cause a scene we let her finish her tirade which ended in her reciting a prayer over us asking to help us see the light and save our souls. It was nuts. Then like a lightswitch she becomes so "nice" and hugs us and kisses us and tells us how much she loves us. Crazy. Luckily we had a great conversation with some drunk men sitting in their garage to make up for the insanity. I guess Charlee didn't get scared off because she started her papers this week. Success!
I don't remember if I mentioned Kara last week but she was the girl we met on We finally got ahold of her on Saturday and she is awesome! We love her so much already. She is 20 and so prepared. We are going to teach her a bit and then transition over to her local missionaries. I hope that she is the reason why I am at the Visitors' Center still.
I got to see my great friend Katie Packer yesterday! She got to see me in full "Sister Call" mode. I showed her and James around the VC and it was the BEST!
Also good news! My family gets to go and do baptisms with Tim, my recent convert from online chat, in the LA temple! The best. That will be so fun to have them be a part of that!
I just love being a missionary. I love getting to share my testimony with those that I meet. I love being able to help others find the joy and peace that the gospel brings in their life. The Visitors' Center is such a blessing too. I always have amazing teaching opportunities there. I am loving life and I can't wait to see what the next 8 months bring... there are going to be great things happening with missionary work in the next year. What a great blessing it is to be a part of it.

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