Monday, 17 June 2013 Rocks!

Sister Janie Squire, a visitor who texted this photo to my mom
How about the fact that I am the worst for titling things. Whatever.
We had a miracle this week. Sister Morris and I finally went down and did "chat online" for the first time in a long time.... It's hard to find an hour of empty time at the Visitors' Center because it's been getting too busy. So we are sitting down there and nothing is coming in... so we are naturally getting kind of impatient. Sister Morris apparently was saying a prayer (I was too impatient to think of that) asking for someone to be sent to us that needed us. And what do you know, two second later we get a chat from a girl named Kara. She had met missionaries a year before and they gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. She has read it a few times and prayed about it and always felt peace about it but hadn't ever moved forward with investigating the church. We had a great conversation with her and have a return appointment over the phone tomorrow morning. Everytime we get a chat like that I am always holding my breath because there are so many internet pranks, but I am pretty sure this one is legit! We are super stoked to talk to her tomorrow.
Here's another miracle. Tim, my recent convert that I met on chat is coming back to the US. He will be in LA and is going to do baptisms for the first time and guess who gets to go with him! My family! It is going to be so neat for them to be a part of the work that I am doing here.
Also, I love the fact that I can never have a bad day on my mission. One of the days this past week I was throwing myself a pretty successful pity party while writing in my journal. I always know wallowing is futile because something awesome always interuppts it but I still try and attempt it anyway. I was in the hot seat at the VC and this darling little lady comes in. She had an appointment with the Elders that serve in my old ward. We talked and talked about a lot of stuff and became good friends. It was one of those kindred spirit kind of moments where you just hit it off instantly. Anyway it turns out we talked for an hour because for some reason she showed up an hour early to her appointment! Crazy! It was just what I needed though and my wallowing was over, in fact it changed my entire outlook this week. It turns out that she is nieghbors with Joyce and Rick. The Elders had gone over to visit Rick and met her on their way down the road. It was amazing to get to see some of the snowball effect of the teaching I was lucky to be part of in the 4th Ward.  And it reminded me that oftentimes we have an impact beyond what we can see or even comprehend.
There were so many little miracles and tender mercies this week. I'm not going to lie, it has been a bit of a rough week. The heat is making me feel like a wilty flower because of my blood pressure issue, and we still don't have anyone really progressing yet. BUT everytime I feel down there is a little reminder here and there or the smallest miracle to pick me back up again. I'm grateful for the tough times to really recognize and appreciate the good times.  I'm also grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that is so keenly aware of each one of us. He loves us and blesses us more than we will ever recognize.

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