Monday, 10 June 2013


This week has been great! I think I have started every blog post with that sentence... exclamation mark and all. Sorry I'm not sorry life is going well and I can't think of any creative introductions. The intro sentence has always been the hardest for me. 
We actually had appointments this week, which is a welcome change. I LOVE teaching. I love it. I didn't even realize how much I loved it until we just taught at doors for a whole transfer, not that doors are bad, that kind of teaching is fun too.

Anyway.  Miracles are happening here and we are so excited. There have been so many moments where we were in the right place at the right time. I love those miracles because they help me to know that we are fulfilling our purpose and really doing what Jesus Christ would do. 

Example: We met this former investigator who has been investigating the church for over 5 years. All we knew about her was that her husband was against the church. She is an angel. She is one of those people that you meet and just love instantly. I think we felt that way because she needs it. Her husband on the other hand was out of control. He was swearing up a storm and reading us anti-mormon literature from google. Sister Morris and I always joke because we are like "there's our testimony" whenever we meet people who attack what is sacred to us.  Sister Morris and I are very stubborn and don't like to be told what to do/believe. We hold our ground pretty well without being rude or antagonistic. It is so sad to see people that are so filled with hatred towards us. Hopefully we will be able to help this investigator in some way. And hopefully I won't be verbally assaulted by her husband again because it's a challenge for me to be nice (haha... but seriously).

On a funny note... Sister Morris and I pulled up to our driveway the other day and interuppted a major cat conference. There were two cats having a major stand off. So I try pulling up and they don't move. So we feel awkward... and I'm awkwardly pulling up the car while these cats are low-grade growling at each other. THEN they start moving backwards in SLOW MOTION. Literally. Slow motion cats on rewind. Sister Morris and I were both sitting in the car stunned and at the same time we were like "is this real life?!" It was. Finally we opened our doors and they bolted. We then witnessed a separate crazy cat fight. Most random 7 minutes of my life. 

The weeks are flying by. I can't believe it is already June. Crazy.
Ebony's baptism.  She is hilarious and so fun!

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