Tuesday, 27 July 2010


It's been quite the month. Here is a little recap.

We celebrated the fourth of July, J-ru style.

I spent ten glorious days in Galilee, walking where the Savior walked. We swam, studied, and spent lots of time on the shores of the sea.

We conquered mountains.

And disgusting fish...

I ripped open my toe at Nimrod's Castle.

We went to about a trillion tel's (and by a trillion I mean maybe 10... but 10 is a lot, trust me)

We got back from Galilee and explored the Old City. I love this place. I can't bear to leave it in three weeks. Sometimes its not fair how fast time flies.
The steps leading up to the temple... one of the few place that Christ certainly walked.
The Dome.
Old City fresh-squeezed O.J.
The rooftops of the Old City.

August is coming far too fast... I am already feeling the onset of homesickness for this place.