Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Is this Real Life?

I've been finding myself saying that a lot this week. A lot, a lot. We have been so blessed and I honestly feel like I don't even deserve it. We have been finding people to teach, and the people we are teaching are progressing. Even when I am exhausted and having a bad attitude we still find people to teach! It is a little out of control, but I am certainly grateful.

At the end of last p-day we had our first lesson with Kellie and her family, the ones we found at church on Sunday. They are the BEST! I really love them so much already. We are teaching a 12 year old boy, an 11 year old girl, and a 16 year old girl, as well as Kellie and her mom who are both coming back to church. They are so open and willing to learn. I have never seen a 12 year old boy so excited to go to church, and the 11 year old girl hasn't really been taught much but somehow knows a lot, she's a very spiritual girl. We had the best lesson with them, it was one of those where we went in with one idea and then ended up teaching something completely different. We taught about prayer and then all of us went around and took turns praying. For two of the children, it was the first time they had prayed out loud. It is so cool to be able to be there for that and help facilitate that! I love prayer! Seriously, it's the best. That something that I've gotten so much better at on my mission. Think about it, we have the opportunity to gain guidance and answers from and all knowing, all powerful being, who loves us and knows us perfectly and personally. He wants to give us answers to our questions. He wants us to talk to him. It's the best. 

Easter is the best! We had a great Sunday. It is finally spring here and it weirds me out every time I go outside and it's warm. The grass has turned green and I can't wait for the leaves and blossoms to appear. I'm a little wary though because after spring comes summer and I'm fairly certain I'm going to die of heat stroke and chigger bites. We went Easter caroling on Easter Sunday with the other 1st Ward sisters. No one can say no to a song at their doorstep! We stopped by Melanie and her daughters and they read the Book of Mormon! Whoohoo! I love them so much, and can't wait to see them progress.
I also found out strawberry pie is the best thing on the planet. SO good.
1st Ward is still really really good at feeding us. It's kind of a problem.

This weekend is General Conference. I LOVE general conference. I can't wait. It is such a blessing to know that we get to hear from a living prophet and 12 apostles. I know that these men are inspired by the Lord to provide us with answers to questions, insight, and revelation that we need to grow closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I can't really even put into words the blessing that that has been for my family, and for myself. If you haven't watched conference before go to lds.org and check it out... Saturday and Sunday.

Life is good here in the M.I.M... I'm working hard and completely exhausted every night, but that is a good feeling.

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Dave said...

We love you Lauren! Thanks for your positive example and beautiful personality! We are excited to see you when you are done - Press On!
Dave and Luke and Co. Love you Lauren!