Tuesday, 30 April 2013

crazy week!

Seriously. This week was completely INSANE. Mostly just the past three days. Not bad insane, just insane insane.
a snake in the grass
I will give you the highlights.
I shook an Apostle's hand! Elder Cook came to Missouri and spoke to half of the missionaries at a special mission conference.  Luckily I was part of the half that got to go. He spoke to us along with some other general authorities and it was so great! Every so often I would remember that I was sitting two rows away from an Apostle of the Savior Jesus Christ. What?! So cool.
Sunday was the craziest. We spoke and sang in sacrament meeting.  Our investigator Julian came to church with his two kids-- they are 4 and 5... and have probably never seen structure in their life. Sister Morris and I decided to go on "mini exchanges" and tag team with the kids so that Julian could go to Sunday school. The 5 year old boy that I took was doing pretty well in singing time.... so far so good. Then Sister Morris came back because the girl was crazy craze and somehow we got roped into teaching Sunbeams. It was a complete disaster. You would think after majoring in Elementary Education I could hold down the fort with 5 three and four year old children. Wrong. So wrong. Mia, 'the girl' would start screaming bloody murder with this sweet little smile on her face, whenever she wanted to. Julian Jr. would be coloring on the chalk board with crayon. Meanwhile, another little girl surrounded herself in the corner with chairs because she is terrified and wanted to go home, while Julian is sticking his head in her face like a monster. To top it all off Julian made a break for it and ran through the Blue Mills sacrament meeting with me chasing after him companionless.
But it was a success. Julian (senior) had a wonderful time at church.
Skyye and Antonio got baptized! It was a great baptismal service and everything went far better than even expected. Antonio did not want to be caught dead in that jumpsuit. Skyye was so funny and dog paddled out of the baptismal font. Both of them felt so good afterwards and had a wonderful spiritual experience. I feel so blessed to have been able to work with them and watch them progress in the gospel. I know they were part of the reason why I was called to 1st Ward.
So the craziest news is that I have been TRANSFERRED. We got a call yesterday at 6:45 a.m. to let us know that we will be newest sisters in the Blue Springs 2nd Ward! Sister Morris and I are opening up that area as a new 'Sisters' area and will be working with the Elders that are already there. I should be a pro at opening new areas by now. It was actually pretty strange because this past week we had about 5 new investigators and for each of them I thought, man, they would be good with Elders teaching them. We now have Elders taking our place in Inde 1st Ward. Crazy miracle.  I'm just banking on miracles waiting for us in Blue Springs. I'm pretty excited, but sad to leave 1st Ward. We have some really amazing people that we are working with. I'll still be working at the VC and living in the Willis house. Also this means I have a CAR now because our area is about 20 minutes away. So all that bike hype for nothing. We returned them to Walmart, which has a surprisingly good refund policy.
So that's that. Sunday morning to Monday morning was the craziest 24 hour stretch of my mission life!
Congrats to my bestest KT Pack who is tying the knot. I wish I could be there! James Bobby Dalton is one lucky fella. Save me a spot on the couch #delawarefeb2014

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