Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Spring, spring, spring!

It is GREEN here! Green is my favorite color and it makes the whole world look classier and brighter and much more welcoming. Within 2 days the grass went from brown to emerald green, and there are tulips coming up and blossoms on the trees. I love love love spring. I'm not thinking about all the bugs that are coming out (for now). I might need someone to un-freak me out about chiggers. I'm paranoid. The weather is perfect for now and I am enjoying it. The VC has been really busy with all the people on spring break, that has been fun and I've been able to take some really wonderful groups through.

We had a great week last week. Lots and lots of miracles that for whatever reason I can't really remember right now.  Antonio and Skyye are progressing really well. They LOVED general conference. Antonio was like "man, I can't wait 6 months for the next conference!"-- he's 12-- what?! So cool. Skyye loved "that Thomas Monson guy" and thought he was hilarious. I am so impressed with those two.

General Conference really was the best. I felt very spiritually fed and did not want it to end. I hope everyone reading this realizes what a blessing it is to be tutored at the feet of living prophets twice a year. Each year I gain an increased testimony and appreciation for General Conference. I know those men of God love each of us and love the Lord and that the things they shared were true. One of the themes that I pulled from the conference was the importance of the basic principles of the Plan of Salvation:

- We are literal children of a loving Father in Heaven. "We are not spiritual orphans."  He knows us. He loves us. He has an individualized plan for us to learn and grow here on earth.
- We are here on earth to learn and grow. We came here to be tested and to gain experience. We came here to learn to be like God-- knowing right from wrong and choosing good over evil. We make mistakes, but that is what the atonement is for. 
- The atonement is real. It can REALLY help us. I have found that on my mission so much. If I am not enough for the task at hand-- I pray and then I get to work-- The Savior fortifies me and strengthens me. It is okay not to be perfect.
- Obedience is crucial to Heavenly Father's plan. Our Father in Heaven gives us commandments to make us free. He gives us laws so that we can be free-- he himself is governed by these laws-- this is where his power stems. Obedience gives us power and joy in life. This is also something I've learned on my mission. Obedience brings blessings-- exact obedience brings miracles. 

My mission has really helped me to understand these basic principles. I teach them and testify of them daily. I know they are true. I am SO grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ--I don't really know what more to say than that. Sometimes I wish I could be more eloquent. But hey, at least I know words like 'eloquent', right?

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