Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bike Gang. Party of 2.

Last year in Provo I was the head of a bike gang called the Duskateerz. We had a logo and rode around Provo. It was the best. Looks like the Lord has been using all of my talents recently... because the gang has recently moved to Missouri. We had transfers this last week and now have added 60 new missionaries to our mission in the last 2 transfers. We have added 0 cars. So that means that three areas at the VC are now no car areas. So we are biking and busing it all around town. Aside from the fact that Missouri is the hilly hilly hilly it has been great! I'll admit I held out on moving past the "sister missionary" look for a solid seven months. I think that the bike just might do me in. You can't look cool in a helmet.

Here are the highlights of riding a bike:
- We meet tons of people that we would never meet otherwise... we have seen tons of miracles. 
- I can eat as much Blue Bell ice cream as I want with a clear conscience at night.
- I LOVE riding bikes. It is really one of my favorite things to do. 
- Going down all the Missouri hills is the best.
- I'm getting real buff lifting that bike on and off the bus. 
- It has strengthened my faith to know that the Lord will provide people for us even though we have way less time to find because it takes us so long to get everywhere. I know that he is preparing the hearts of people that will be found only because we are on a bicycle. It is the best! 

Downsides of riding a bike:
- I look like a total toolshed in a helmet and somehow creepy men still cat call at us. What?
- I'm only a lot a bit saddle sore. 
- Going up all the Missouri hills is the worst.
- Do you know how hard it is to ride a bike in a skirt! Nearly impossible. Still trying to figure out how to bike without flashing the world in a skirt. It's a work in progress. 

Funny story. On our first bike day we were stopped at the bus stop and were trying to figure out where we were going. These two young guys (semi-hood) were like "You girls are gorgeous" and I was like "Excuse me, I am wearing a helmet, are you for real." Then they were like "Yeah it doesn't even matter what you are wearing." I didn't care how creepy that was, I was flattered and it made my day, then what really made my day was that they came by the VC the next day and one of them became a new investigator. He wants to change is life around and even said he would be baptized if he came to know that it was true when he was here at the VC. What?! I'll take that as a bike day miracle. We will be hanging out at the Inde bus station more often. Thank goodness for helmets... and the light of Christ. 

Another bike day miracle. The other day we changed our travel route last minute and  were riding through one of our areas on our way to another area and we rode by this school. One of the girls from this family we are teaching was on the playground and spotted us! She was like "Hey, Sister Call! Is that you?" We came over and she told us that her mom and sister had just been talking about us this morning and wanted to have us for dinner that night. She's the cutest most polite thing and was like "So we would love to invite you to dinner this evening, will you attend?" So adorable. We then went over to her house and talked with her mom for awhile. We hadn't been able to get in touch with this family for a couple of weeks! Miracle miracle. 

Anyway, enough about bikes. 

Skyye and Antonio are getting baptized this weekend! I'm super excited! I can't wait for them and for the family. Everyone is doing really well. Antonio just keeps surprising me. He is so diligent in his study and really wants to come closer to God. He loves church and can't wait to be baptized. It has been such a blessing to work with them.

I found out that Tim is probably receiving the Priesthood soon. He has been doing really well out in Cuba and his Branch President wants him to get it before he gets home from his duty and he leaves sometime in June! So exciting! 

Also coming up this weekend Elder Cook is coming to our mission! We get to have a special fireside with him and all the missionaries in the area on Saturday. I can't wait! 

Life is good. April showers bring May flowers has taken on a whole new meaning here in Missouri. It is rainy rainy right now. I think my theme this transfer is going to be "I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord, over mountain or plain or sea. I'll say what you want me to say, dear Lord. I'll be what you want me to be." I'm working on becoming who he wants me to be. I have a little less than a year left on my mission and lots to learn. I know that as we lose our life for His sake we find it. I know that as I give everything I have and am, I'll in turn learn all that I need to. I feel like spring is all about rededication and new beginnings. So there you go. That's my sappy sister missionary words of wisdom. Do what you will with it. 

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