Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Sister Morris and I
So I did get transferred but not too far! I'm in the Independence 1st Ward, training, and opening up the area to be double covered. There are already sisters in the ward right now, so we are a new set! It's exciting/terrifying/I have no idea what I am doing so it's hard to be stressed. Everyday I'm like "Ummm. Sister Morris, this isn't how it will be your whole mission." We have 0 investigators. Not one. So we are going to be finding, finding, finding, which is my worst thing... I am excited to get good at it though and I know I'll be learning a lot from this. I am excited because I know that I am here in the 1st Ward for a reason. There was a sister coming in from full proselyting and she is now follow-up training Sister Ewell. She could have just as easily trained Sister Morris, so I know I'm here for a purpose. I am really excited to see what that is and to have this blank slate to work with. We have to work by following the Spirit 100% or we won't have success. It is going to be great!

Sister Stobbe and I
My new companion's name is Sister Morris. She is adorable and we make a cute couple because we both have semi-hipster/not hipster glasses and get along really well. She is from Mesa, Arizona and is one of the new 19 year-old sisters! SO cool! Right now we are also in a trio with Sister Stobbe who is one of my insta-friends here on the mish. She and I are the same person. Seriously. It gets borderline ridiculous. Her companion is sick in the MTC right now so that is why she is with me and Sister Morris. That has made things semi-complicated because she has all her investigators but then we need to find investigators so we are just praying that the Lord will make it all work out, and He will. In the mean time, we are having way too much fun having slumber parties every night. Inde 1st is very different than Inde 4th ward... it will be a welcome challenge and change. There are a lot of polynesians in our ward-- so I will be very well fed. And the best news is I won't have to miss Rick's baptism! Whoohoo! Oh also I am still in the Willis House! #dreamscometrue2013
So I have no investigators to report on because we have none. We have had some really awesome experiences finding people to teach. Times when we know for sure we were being led by the Spirit and just perfect timing of meeting people. It is amazing to recognize how the Spirit works and to help Sister Morris recognize that as well. It is so much through our thoughts--small impressions that come to our mind. As I have followed those impressions I have realized, more often than not, they are from our Heavenly Father. It is such a blessing to have the Holy Ghost to lead us, guide us, and teach us... as we are living the commandments and striving to follow His will we will be successful and be able to find, teach, and learn by the Spirit.
It's been fun training again too! This time has been a bit of a challenge because the MTC training was shortened and there are a lot of fundamental skills that the new missionaries weren't taught. A lot more of the teaching and training falls on us as trainers. It has been fun to teach those skills, but also a challenge.
Sooo that's the update. Hopefully by next week miracles will have happened and we will find people to teach! And hopefully by that point I will know what I am doing in this new area. Until then... keep me in your prayers!

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