Monday, 27 January 2014

it's the final countdown.

Ok. I'm not in denial anymore about it... and I've never been one of those people to just pretend that future events aren't actually happening. I'm going home. Also all the "hey see you soon" emails this week set in stone that nobody else is in denial about it either. I'm glad we are all on the same page about that.

Since most people are asking, I will tell you that I feel a strange mixture of terror/excitement/awkwardness about the whole going home thing. I'm excited to see friends and family.... and buy some pants. Not so excited about everything else, including making real decisions. I've been pretty good at off setting the "trunkiness" that could be creeping in. I hate that phrase by the way... but it's a missionary classic for a reason. We've worked really hard this week and had some wonderful unexpected miracles.
Special shout out to my little sis, Maryn, who got her MISSION CALL THIS WEEK!!!! She is going to Guatemala Guatemala City East Mission. Can you tell I'm excited? I've already told almost everyone in Clinton. I'm so excited for her! Those Guatemalans are the luckiest people in the world. It will be fun to see how different/similar our missions will be.

Yesterday Sister Penman and I sang in Sacrament meeting. We were planning on singing the week I know, so I could make a big exit. But, Kathy and Paul some of our great friends/semi-investigators were coming to church before moving this week to Texas. SO we pushed it up to this week and surprised Kathy. It was great. She was a little mad because she didn't have any tissues with her.  We made at least 5 ladies cry... one man... and one of the young women who said we sounded like the Barbie Princess movies. haha. Success. In all seriousness though it has been amazing to be able to develop and share that talent throughout my mission. 1.5 years ago I wouldn't have been caught dead singing in a sacrament meeting. So there is the real success.

This week was just a fun week of missionary work. I really don't know what I'll do without Sister Penman. We laugh so much, and I know I'm not going to be making myself laugh all the time, when I am ALONE, without a companion. WHAT?! That will be crazy. We did a lot of service, helped Kathy and Paul move, sanitized a house. We had some great appointments too. And Kathy and Paul took us to the VC and HLJ yesterday. It was the best. We had a "sabbath day holy approved" picnic in front of the temple. They brought fried chicken and we brought snacks. We watched the sunset and it was the perfect spiritual send off for our good friends.
One of my favorite miracles this week was with a lady named Jean, who is a member of the church, but hasn't been attending. We went to her house with her visiting teacher who wasn't even sure that Jean had a testimony. Jean is awesome. She lived in Newport and Laguna. NO ONE in Clinton even knows where Newport or Laguna are. She's an artist, and loves Mitt Romney. So I share with her some verses from 3 Nephi... the ones I had read in my studies this morning and she is like "I love the Book of Mormon.  It answered so many of the questions I had about religion that weren't answered by Catholicism. I know that this is the true church." The Book of Mormon wins again. It is SO true and brings the Spirit like nothing else can. The sister we brought with us was beyond floored. I am so grateful for the Spirit to help us to know what to share and to soften and open hearts. Hopefully Sister Penman and her companion can "practice" teaching her the lessons when I leave.
Our investigator Megan M came to church this week! It was a total miracle. We found her the first week I arrived in Clinton and have been inviting her to church ever since. She hadn't come until yesterday. We did a church tour with her this week and she felt the Spirit and said she would come to church. Before my mission I really took church for granted. I would go and learn, but certainly didn't understand the full importance. There is such a good feeling in the church building. During church we can receive a break from the world, we can refresh and begin the week anew. It is amazing to get to share that with people and to help them realize the blessings of the Sunday meetings.
So that's it for this week. I'm excited for the LAST full week of my mission. We are ready to hit the pavement. Sister Penman is a little scared that I'll turn into a missionary nazi in an attempt to work our guts out... but I don't want her to be glad I'm leaving so that won't happen.

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holli h. said...

Gahhhh!!! the final countdown! I can't wait to see you Lauren! (I'm assuming you'll probably be making your way back to Utah eventually) It's been so fun reading about all your adventures on the mission!