Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

This week has been so full of miracles it is ridiculous. Seriously. Everyday we would go out and do our thing and then realize that we saw so many miracles. They just happened. Sister Penman and I look at each other and we are like, did that really just happen?
Christmas week we had a bit of a rough week in terms of progressing investigators and finding people to teach-- super fun week but not a lot of progress. We didn't find anyone, and neither did anyone, in our ENTIRE zone. That never happens. So that's kind of a bummer. We heard that and got to work this week. We were able to find ten new people to teach. It was amazing! It was one of those weeks where I know we were truly instruments in the Lord's hands. He just moved us to find and talk to those people that we needed to.

Let's take Saturday for example. Bear with me. There is a point to this chain of events. We wake up. Do our studies. End up running late because of phone calls and chats with the members that we live with. Get out the door. Visit Megan. No one home. So we both get the thought to go try to contact this referral. We talk to this guy smoking outside the apartments and give him a Book of Mormon. Half way through the conversation his friends come out and just watch us talk to him. Kind of awkward. We tract a little. Find some good potentials, and set a return appointment. Then we go to the apartment of a guy that recently cancelled an appointment. He's not home, but there is this girl who is obviously upset. We talk to her and she has had some CRAZY stuff happen that day. So we sat with her and said a prayer and felt we were there to provide comfort. Then later that night we get this text from an unknown number that says "So ya'll are Mormons?" Those usually don't end well, but we text back and end up having this really deep conversation with this mystery person who is really searching. Turns out he was one of the friends that was standing there while we taught the guy who was smoking. We have an appointment to teach him on Tuesday now. What miracles! Had the day not been perfectly aligned we wouldn't have been there to talk to that smoking man, and meet his friend, and comfort that girl. I just think it is the COOLEST thing to know that we are led by a loving Heavenly Father to be there for those that have been prepared or need comfort. I love knowing that am an instrument in the hands of the Lord. Seriously it is the best. 

We also met this family in Windsor. They were a referral from a member in another ward. We show up and the woman is like "Hello! I'm so glad you are here. I was raised Mormon, but drifted away, but I have always relied on my Mormon roots. My son is going through a hard time and we need help. I told my husband, who is Catholic, the Mormons are going to come here and they are going to help us and they are going to teach us and I don't care what you have to say about it." So there you go. We have a new family to teach and I'm super excited to see how they progress. 

In other news it is bone chilling cold here. I think the high today is a solid 11 degrees. Whoohoo! We had another snow day inside yesterday. Church was cancelled, which was always a huge bummer. I am learning the art of layering and also learning what a huge blessing it was to grow up in sunny Southern California. 

I love this talk. It is the best and so true. I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon!

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