Tuesday, 8 October 2013

transfers but not transferred.

 First. I didn't get transferred! I am still here at the HLJ! WHAHOOO! I'll get to shake Elder Ballard's hand.  Miracles really do happen.  Sister White was transferred to Kearney with Sister Ogletree, and my new companion is Sister Harding, who was just serving in Kearney. Crazy! They just switched places. I love Sister Harding. She was in the MTC with me during VC training. So we are reunited again. Our missions have been completely different-- she's been full proselyting almost her whole mission and I've been at the VC my whole mission. I realized I probably hold the standing record in the mission. 10 out of 12 transfers in a Visitors' Center... I'm not complaining. I love these places. Thursday was transfer day. Talk about crazy-town. Sister Wilson got transferred to the Visitors' Center, and Sister Moon is now the new sister leader up here. We have so many little details to work out for the 50th and that's been a bit hectic. I wish I could post the beautiful schedule we created. It's a work of art really, color coordinated, perfectly balanced schedule.
Kara in Kentucky

This week was truly a miracle week.
 Last Friday. Kara got baptized! Kara, from Kentucky that I have been teaching on the phone every week was baptized! I love this girl and I am so excited for her. She is so excited about the gospel and has grown so much since we "met" on chat a few months ago. I have been amazed to see Heavenly Father answer her prayers and to watch her relationship with our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ grow. I feel so blessed to be a part of her conversion, even if she is many miles away.
Tuesday we were FINALLY able to go to the temple. We started out the week super bummed because Melba missed her interview and wasn't going to go and this was the last day we would be able to go before transfers. On Monday we had dinner with the Bishop and he was like, "well I'll just interview her in the morning..." MIRACLE. So we get it all worked out with Melba and she is good to go and we are SO stoked. Tuesday morning we get a text at 6:30 AM from Melba that says: I'm sick. I don't know what to do. BAHHHH. So I tell her to start praying and I start praying and I run around the Liberty house telling everyone to start praying because Melba needed to go to the temple! She decided to go to the interview and see how she felt. She got a blessing and decided to go! It was a miracle and so amazing. She had such a wonderful time and love, love, loved the temple. Favorite Melba quote from the day: I can just see them rippin out of there (as I was being baptized for those that had passed on... she was referring to the spirits rippin out of the spirit world). Hilarious. Sister White and I had a great time in the temple. I wish I could go back everyday. The feeling there is so peaceful and perfect, like time stands still. I love the House of the Lord.

Melba at the Temple
Friday we had a lesson with Meredith. This girl never ceases to amaze me. On Monday we watched the Joseph Smith movie and she loved it, of course. She loves everything. We invited her to pray to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. She said, "I don't have to, I already know! He is a prophet because he translated the Book of Mormon, where else would it come from?" I love that answer, so much faith, and it's true, it does make perfect sense! But I also knew that she needed that spiritual witness. So we invited her to pray to confirm what she knows and we promised her that if she prayed that evening she would be able to know by the power of the Holy Ghost. So Friday we followed up. She did pray. She did recieve an answer. She said that when she prayed that night she felt as though the whole room was warm, and as though she had a hand on her back. I wish you could see her because she is relating this experience in the very colorful language of a 13 year old. She is like "SO I was like well Heavenly Father, I get it, I get it! He is a prophet!" So funny. Another funny Meredith quote... "oh yeah, I'm almost 14."
"Well when is your birthday?"
"July... it's only 7 months away."
Haha. I love that girl.
Michael and Meredith

This weekend is going to be THE BEST! Elder Ballard is coming! Whahoo! He's going to be in my jail... well our jail. I think every sister that serves here has a sense of ownership over this place. All the sisters that were transferred will get to come back and everyone will be happy! Yay! I cannot wait. I am so so so grateful to serve here during this time and to have played a part in the orchestration of the events. What a blessing!

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