Wednesday, 30 October 2013

life after the 50th anniversary...

It's been a lot more low key this week. No general authorities... what? It has taken awhile to get back into the swing of things to be honest. The jail has been slowing down almost exponentially. I took 0 tours yesterday. Not one. In six hours. I got lots of study time though.

This last week has been a miracle! I can't remember if I wrote about Sherry last week. She is by far the most golden person I have ever met on my mission. She is so prepared. Her fiance had attended church in Kearney for awhile and they both came to church on Sunday. She has read over 40 pages in the Book of Mormon so far! I don't even ready 40 pages in one day of the Book of Mormon. It is amazing how you can create an instant friendship with people and that is what we feel with J.R. and Sherry. I am so excited to see how they progress and grow in the gospel.

In other news Tracy is getting baptized this weekend. I am so grateful for the chance I have had to teach her. I have literally watched the Lord change her heart. In the past 4 months she has gone from not answering the door, to setting but cancelling every appointment, to not reading and praying, to a complete change of heart. She loves coming to church. She loves the sacrament. She quit smoking virtually on her own... she threw out her own coffee pot. Now she is teaching her kids about the gospel and encouraging them to strengthen their testimonies. She has literally changed, her whole countenance and demeanor. She relies on God and is happier because of it. It is a huge blessing to have been here from start to finish. That isn't always the case as missionaries. I'm so excited for Saturday

Transfers are coming up in 2 weeks... right along with my birthday. I know it's still a ways ahead but I am almost positive I'm being transferred. I don't want to go though! My whole mission is going so quickly. 

This quiet time has given me lots of opportunity to reflect on how I've grown, especially as I prepare to leave the Liberty Jail. It's kind of fun because by the time I leave I'll have been at the Jail 4 1/2 months. Just a little bit longer than the prophet Joseph. I hope that by the time I leave I'll have grown in smaller, but similar ways. I've learned a lot about opposition and the atonement. It is so necessary. It is actually vital for us to go through difficult experiences. Even from the beginning of the world. Growth and progression only stemmed from opposition, that is where our choices come from. We are in control of who we become and what we accomplish. I've learned that more on my mission than at any other point in my life. Trials and tribulation help us understand the Atonement, and when we look at it with that lens we become empowered. I think about how miserable each tour would be if Joseph hadn't relied on the Atonement. It would be terrible, downright depressing. It would be about how cold and smelly and miserable that place would have been. That was the story of probably hundreds of other prisoners held in the jail during its 25 year lifespan. But Joseph's story is different, the Spirit that we feel in the jail is different, because he relied on the Atonement. I know the Atonement is real. It is powerful. I am grateful for my trials that have helped me put it all to the test so that I can know for myself that the Savior of the World is who He says that He is. 

So there is my very pensive email. It's been rainy/foggy/gloomy for the past few days, which always calls for some contemplation.

Love you all! More "fun" updates next week.

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