Tuesday, 22 October 2013

this week may have topped last week.

Ok. I am trying to organize my thoughts in terms of most awesome to least awesome, but there is so much to talk about. Let's start with the General Authorities.

On Friday 30 mission presidents, their wives, a number of members of the Quorum of Seventy, AND Elder Christofferson of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles came to the jail. Yes. To our jail... and what I often think of as my jail. They were all here for a mission president's seminar and wanted to have a little field trip to some of the church history sights. They were supposed to arrive at 5 and we got off shift at 5... so you can imagine how I was scrambling to find some reason to stay around because it would be really convenient if we just happened to be there... right? So it worked out. Our dinner was supposed to pick us up at 5:30 giving us just enough time to meet and greet and hopefully get a handshake from Elder Christofferson. Problem was I ended up being on a presentation RIGHT before they came in (it really wasn't a problem because it was an awesome group and I was glad to do it, PLUS my friend Ryan Ogden was part of that group... happy day!). So I missed the entrance procession and the handshake opportunity. But I held out faith that there might be one more chance, especially because our dinner pick up was running a little late. 

So the group finishes their address with Elder Brenchley and starts heading out of the history room and there are a few sisters gathered in the hall.  Naturally we assumed Elder Brenchley would take them into the rotunda, but Elder Brenchley assumed a sister missionary would take them into the rotunda, so then we hear down the hall... "So which of the sisters will be giving us the presentation?" 
In that moment I knew it was going to be me because I am the senior sister at the jail... I have on record from reputable bystanders that my first words were "oh crap"-- as I grabbed my stomach! (obviously I need a bit more refining on my mission). Down the hall Elder Brenchley confirmed my feelings... "Sister Call, where is Sister Call? You are up!".. and then I went into panic mode. I grabbed my clicker and scriptures and said a prayer while running around (literally), with people telling me that I didn't have time, while Elder Brenchley is giving me very specific instructions-- "DO NOT ask them questions... they don't want to hear your questions". AHHHH. Of course I enter the rotunda masking the fact that my heart is going to pound out of my chest... with a few lame jokes and some stuttering in the beginning we are on our way. Honestly the presentation turned out really well. It was as near of an out of body experience as I'll probably ever have. I was not the one teaching those presidents. I opened my mouth and it was filled. I knew what to say. It was eloquent and concise and very professional. I was able at the end to bear my testimony of the atonement and the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was able to testify of Joseph Smith and his experience here. It was amazing! I got to bear MY testimony... my personal knowledge and feelings of the gospel to an Apostle of the Lord... And 30 mission presidents.  Afterward, Sister White said, "Wow you've added some new material to your presentations... that was the best one I've seen!" That's because it wasn't my presentation. 

After the presentation we were able to linger around for awhile and meet Elder Christofferson. He was so kind. We got to shake his hand and I said, "Well, that may have been the most nerve wracking presentation I've ever given..." and then he patted my neck! It was sweet. What was even better is that Meredith, our investigator who was going to be baptized the next day, ran in because she had to use the bathroom. She and I found ourselves in the hall with Elder Christofferson. He shook her hand and I told him that she was being baptized tomorrow. He was excited and wished her well. Then she and I walked in the bathroom and I told her that she just shook hands with an apostle... she freaked out. It was the best pre-baptism present. The whole evening worked out perfectly and it was amazing to see how the Lord allowed for these great experiences for both Meredith and I. 

So that was Friday. I am still freaking out that that ACTUALLY happened. To me. On my mission. I feel pretty darn blessed.

Saturday Michael and Meredith were baptized. That was amazing as well. Really those two are such miracles. Both of them have overcome so much in the past few months and have really taken hold of the gospel. They read scriptures as a family every night, go to youth activities, and Meredith said she even wants to go on a mission! I just can't believe what a miracle it was to find and teach them. Michael is really a miracle because up until a few weeks ago he wasn't even taking the lessons. We kept inviting him to join and finally realized that the Elders need to stop by... Duh! So they did and here he is 3 weeks later with a strong testimony of the gospel and ready for baptism. He is so excited about the Priesthood and being a part of the church. Michael and Meredith were both baptized on the 19th. It was so special to see Brother and Sister Jensen's joy as their grandchildren became members of the church. I have come to love that family so much and I know we will be friends forever.

So here is a picture from the mormonnewsroom article about the 50th anniversary last week...

I am famous... ok, not really but you can see me in the picture at the back standing up by the door. That was my post :) Here is link to another article about the 50th Anniversary... A Prison Temple

M. Russell Ballard at the Historic Liberty Jail. (I am standing by the door on the left)

We have had so many other miracles this week that I don't even have time to talk about. SOO many. I am so grateful to be serving here. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. It is the best.

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