Monday, 19 August 2013

visitors and vision

This was one of those exhausting weeks where you are READY for p-day to come. I literally came home and practically passed out of the floor, poor Sister White practically planned for the next day all on her own. It was exhausting in a good way though, but boy did I sleep well last night. My mattress here is a fluffy cloud mattress and I have had the strangest dreams recently. But enough on exhaustion. We had a miraculous week. 

Last Monday we played laser tag. Remember how I get super competitive about the dumbest things. Still true. Our team won though, just sayin'. 

Tuesday was a miracle day. It was one of those days where everything that happened made me think "Is this real life?" Can things really be this good?!

It started at the Jail, where every presentation I took was wonderful. There is nothing better than having a group come in and knowing that you were teaching by the spirit. I feel like I am finally beginning to be semi-consistent at this. Where I move past going over the history and explaining the stories and move to sharing specific details and experiences of the early saints and really painting a picture to help these people come closer to their Savior and develop a greater testimony of the restored gospel. It makes me SO, SO, SO, grateful for my calling as a Visitors' Center sister.
Then we headed out to meet with Melba. We fasted this day because we were teaching Melba the Word of Wisdom and she certainly has some obstacles in this area. We headed over and she really wasn't feeling well because she had a broken tooth and was on some pain medications, but we had a little lesson in our member's car. She started out by saying "Ok. When are you going to teach me everything I need to know before my baptism? I know I need to quit somethings, like coffee and smoking, and drinking. I've already been working on the smoking, but that coffee will be hard." She also mentioned how she had been looking up stuff online and had come across some anti things and it didn't even phase her! Miracles! We taught her the Word of Wisdom the next day in a members home and she is living it! She is so excited to get her life in order and follow her Savior. So amazing. 
Then we went to contact a referral for a man named Michael. He had been baptized in Germany over 25 years ago when he was there in the military. When he came back to the states he fell away, but he had been feeling this deep urgency to grow closer to God. He walked into the temple last week looking for a Book of Mormon and he gave them his info. We knocked on his door a few days later to introduce ourselves. He is the definition of prepared and searching. He wants nothing more than to come back to God and help serve others. I am so excited to teach him and help him take those steps back. 

The rest of the week was wonderful too. Sister Wilson and I gave some gave trainings at theFriday AM Training meeting at the VC. We all got to head down there, which is always a good time. I love preparing trainings. It's super stressful but fun and I always feel like I have the best studies when I am trying to plan what to teach other people. This week's training was on vision and creating a vision for ourselves. This is something I am mildly obsessed with. Seriously. It's been one of the greatest lessons I have learned on my mission. I'll give you the basics.
- All things begin with a vision. Think about it. Almost all great scripture stories begin with vision: the birth of Jesus Christ, Moses, Lehi and his family, Alma the Younger... the list could go on and on. God gives these spiritually minded men glimpses of what will happen or what they can achieve in order to enlarge their understanding and help motivate them to act. They do and their lives, and the lives of others are changed.
- Our lives are no different. We can create a spiritual vision for who we can become. On a mission we set goals... all the time. Really though, everyday. These goals are in a way spiritual creation, they are plans for what we can accomplish... then we go and do and they become real. 
- Before my mission I created a vision... a huge vision for who I wanted to be on my mission and the type of person I wanted to be stepping off of the plane. Here I am now 6 months away from stepping off of that plane and it is amazing to realize that I've become in part who I had set out to be. As I have deliberately acted and made choices to become who I set out to be I have accomplished that... still a work in progress.
So essentially we are in complete control of who we are, who we are becoming, and who we will be in 5 years from now. No matter where you are in life we all constantly need to be progressing and growing and changing. It was pretty neat to see some of the Senior couples come up and thank me for my training because they wanted increased vision too!  

That's my life lesson for the week. 

I had a few surprise visitors this week! These past two weeks have been the best with people coming to the Liberty Jail. 
Yesterday I was in the exit room at the LJ and who walks by but Mckelle and Cam Chubbuck! I literally freaked out and ran out of the room to say hi. I was able to take them on a presentation and meet their adorable little girl,Milly, who was born while I was in the MTC! So crazy.

Then Sister Sant came to visit and I was able to meet her family. They probably think I'm nuts because I love their daughter so much. 

Last week Lauren and Lisa Jarvie came and visited me! I was able to take them on a presentation as well! It is fun to see so many people that I love so much.

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