Monday, 26 August 2013

three days.

That's all I have left until I hit my one year mark. BAHHHH. That's how I feel about that.
It freaks me out that I've been out here this long because it feels like haven't been out here at all/been out here for forever/can't imagine not being a missionary/feels like I still don't know what to say when I knock on a door... that might never change. There are lots of conflicting feelings about this.
Overall though I am very grateful that I've been able to spend a year in the service of my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ.  Also I'm surprised by how much I don't miss In-N-Out and my iphone and instragram. Chick-Fil-A has a special place in my heart as my Missouri fast food obsession... although Sister White won't let me go once a week anymore.
What really freaks me out is the fact that my freshman year at BYU was 6 years ago and now Maryn, my little baby sister that I remember being born, just started her freshman year at BYU! WHAT?! I'm still 17... at the very oldest 19. So basicaly this week has put me into quarter life crisis mode.
This week has been A-MAZING. Seriously seriously. Basically I am getting frustrated with myself because I can't put into words how awesome this week was. So know that what I write below is my sad attempt to illustrate how amazing life it. Too bad I don't have the writing skills of Alex Thomas (ehem.. I mean Sandvik) and Jordyn Canady. If I could have it my way these posts would make people laugh and cry all at the same time. Instead I've taken to coming up with dumb bible jokes.... More on those next week-If I remember them! I'm going to be so awkward come February.
First of all we didn't get transferred. All the sisters at the jail are staying. We made history! This is the first time during President Keyes's time here that everyone has stayed at the jail... maybe even in the history of the Liberty Jail visitors center. So. That's a miracle.
Melba is getting baptized on Saturday and this week has been filled with powerhouse lessons with her. She has been going strong with the Word of Wisdom, which is a total miracle. On Monday we went to the Visitors' Center in Independence. It was so nice to go back to my old stomping grounds and show her around. I love the VC because of the peace that is there. Melba felt it and she did not want to leave... at all. She has so much faith and has really begun to see the blessings of the gospel in her life. Kind of a bummer that we couldn't stay there all night... it was so peaceful and wonderful.
On Saturday we took Melba to the Liberty Jail and taught about prophets. It was awesome. She soaks everything in and loves it. We showed Melba the Liberty Jail and played the narrations. She loved it and really gained a respect for Joseph Smith. At the end of the lesson we invited Melba to offer a kneeling prayer right there at the ledge of the Liberty Jail. We invited her to ask if Joseph Smith really was a prophet and if we really have a prophet today. She did. She offered one of the most heartfelt prayers, because Melba already believes, she has such real intent to receive the answers to her prayers. She has such trust in her Heavenly Father. After her prayer, we were standing there taking it all in. She said, "My heart feels like it has something hard in it and tight..." and I said, "Melba, that's the Spirit." She described the warm, burning feeling she had and I was able to help her recognize that that is the Spirit of God. That was her answer to the prayer she had offered not even a minute before. It was SO AMAZING to see that process happen. She didn't know how it felt to feel the Spirit in that way, she had never felt it before. It wasn't contrived because it was REAL. She really had the Holy Ghost witness to her that these things are true. It was so amazing, and such a testimony to me that God answers prayers. 

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