Monday, 8 July 2013

Transferitis/ Some Kind of -itis

4th of July! We are fireworks We got to usher at a dance concert held at the Community of Christ auditorium
This week is transfers! Stressful. Sister Morris and I both got training calls. This means a) I am training again and b) I'm going to be a grandma! That means that my daughter (Sister Morris) is going to have a daughter to train. I've always wanted some mission posterity. So that's exciting. 
I have a bad case of transfer-itis because I am almost certain I am leaving the Visitors' Center. It is high time, but I'm pretty sad because I've been here so long. Independence is the mecca for missionaries-- there are so many so it will be weird to go where there aren't as many.
Also this week I had some sort of other -itis and was sick sick sick most of the week. I think I wrote about that in my last email, but that took up most of the week I feel like. The last time I had a fever I ended up with vertigo for 4 months, but I think I've been able to steer clear of any long term effects. I think it was good though because Sister Morris was able to take over, which she will be doing next week. So there's a blessing.

Although we weren't in our area much we saw some major blessings yesterday. Sister Morris and I have been focusing a lot on the Book of Mormon these past few days. I LOVE the Book of Mormon. So yesterday we had some extra time during companionship study. Sister Morris thought we should go over some of the sections in our teaching manual, Preach My Gospel about using the Book of Mormon. So she picked an activity to think about how the Book of Mormon could help people understand why we have organized religion and why we have religion in general. I have been thinking about that a lot because there are so many great people that don't have a religious background, so how does the restoration help them? How can we teach them more about it? We studied that and practiced it. Then got to work. The first door we knock on this guy comes out and basically tells us he is spiritual but not religious and doesn't believe in organized religion. BOOM. We were able to lay it down for him and help him have a desire to read so that he can know that God's church and the church of Jesus Christ are back on the earth. How cool is that?

Mary Dreher's baptism! Mary is such a cutie. She lives in 4th Ward and came into the VC for a lesson really early once. We hit it off and became good friends. She asked me to speak at her baptism. I later found out that she lives on Joyce's street, so she is the fruits of my tracting many months later! So cool!

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