Saturday, 15 November 2008

Chapter Thirteen

I love birthdays, but I really love London birthdays! 

I am now 19... there isn't much exciting about being 19, but if my birthday day was any indication of how the year will go I will have a lovely 19th year. We spent the day at Hampton Court Palace which is where King Henry the Eighth lived.  It was so pretty... I love palaces, especially on my birthday. I think everything is just better on  birthdays.   

We went through a hedge maze! I have never been in a maze before... so it was fun. This was us at the heart of the maze, hence the hearts. 

Pretty, pretty Hampton Gardens.

I love jumping pictures! 

We had lunch at the palace and frolicked about the gardens.  It was just such a good day.  After Hampton court we came back.  Unfortunately we had a bunch of work this weekend, like two papers and a test. So I didn't go crazy on my birthday night. We all went to this yogurt place called Snog. It was good. Then I came back and wrote a paper (happy birthday to me!) Then we watched Peter Pan!  It's the perfect birthday movie.  My favorite movie, plus it's set in London, and its about growing up. What more could you want right? 

It was a lovely lovely birthday. I love being 19. I have a feeling it's going to be a good year. 

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Susan said...

i like your boots in the hampton gardens picture. :-) mom