Sunday, 9 November 2008

Chapter Twelve

A Lovely London Weekend in Pictures

Oh yes, that's Leo... good old Leonardo DiCaprio.  We went to Body of Lies premiere and basically stalked Leo and took a lot of pictures of the back of his head. Such a good time. It's weird... I really only know Leo from his old Titanic days, and even then I was in elementary school, but when you get in a group of screaming girls and Leonardo is right in front of you, you feel the urge to start screaming to.  So I did. And it was oh so fun. 

I love pick up pictures, especially awkward ones in the middle of Gelato Mio... and I basically am in love with Gelato Mio. Pear and strawberry-- to die for. 

I walked up to the National Gallery after a nice hunt in some old bookstores and this is what I found.   I love London sunsets and Trafalgar Square, especially together.  And then I went to the National Gallery and basked in the brilliance of beautiful works of art... typical Friday afternoon.
I love the Lord Mayor's Parade! And British flags and poppies! This week has been a week of festivities to remember all the people who fought and died for Britain. Everyone wears paper poppies that I love.  I have three.  The Lord Mayor's Parade was so exciting.  We waved our British flags proudly and were the lone cheerers on the street of quiet Brits.  Yay for London!

Ohh how I adore Big Ben... and London at night. We went to see the firework show the night of the Lord Mayor's Parade.  We didn't know where it would be we just knew it was on the Thames, so we got off at the Westminster tube stop and camped out under Big Ben.  We couldn't see the show very well, but hey who can complain.  I saw fireworks over the Thames, in London, 200 yards from Big Ben.  I love my life. 


Alex said...

So I'm sitting two rows behind you and saw you updating your blog. So I searched for it. Luckily laurencall was a pretty easy url to find.
Your pictures are beautiful. I may just steal them...

Carol Ivey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I still remember the exciting day you were born--and now you are 19, and in London! What an exciting life you lead! I am so happy that you are getting all of these "amazing" experiences--it will change your perspective on life when you return. I hope your birthday is as magical as so many other days have been for you there!