Saturday, 15 November 2008

Chapter Fourteen

These past few weeks have got me thinking about how blessed I am, not only to be here, but for so many other things. The other day we went to the Imperial War Museum, and it has been Remembrance week, with Veteran's and Armistice Day. We went and visited Westminster Abbey and the Field of Remembrance. They had a memorial set up for all the soldiers who died in the great war. The museum had exhibits on World War I and World War II, and it just really showed me how lucky we are today.  The lives that those soldiers, and civilians lived were so difficult.  I start complaining when I get only 7 hours of sleep. So many of these people would work all day and then almost all night as well.  They had no beds, during the Blitz they went down into bunkers all night and tried to sleep through the air raids.  I can't even imagine.  After the World War exhibits I went to the Holocaust Memorial Exhibit.  I hadn't ever really been to a Holocaust musuem before and it was so upsetting.  I still cannot believe that people could be killed simply because of their beliefs, but I know that it happens and that it still happens.  It disgusted me how all the people were persecuted and tortured, and how many innocent people were killed.  It made me so grateful for the peace that we have in our nation and made me realize what a blessing that peace is.  I do not need to live in fear because of my religion and can enjoy my day to day life. It is such a blessing that I take for granted every day.  

I am so grateful for everyone who has fought and died for the cause of freedom, and for all of the blessings that I now enjoy because of their sacrifice.  

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