Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Transfer Week!

Hey, guess what? I am TRAINING! What?! I am super excited/a little bit nervous. Really not too nervous, because I have no idea what I'm actually doing so I don't really know how nervous I need to be. Mostly excited. We got the transfer calls last Wednesday night, which is really early, so I've had lots of time for it to sink in. I figure if I can handle 23 seven year olds while I had vertigo and a sprained ankle, I can handle training a new missionary... with Heavenly Father's help of course. It will be good to see missionary work with fresh eyes, and it's been good for me to rededicate myself to the work. I can't wait to meet her! She comes TOMORROW! I'm staying in the same area too and I'm excited because I love the 4th Ward.
Joyce & I
  Joyce got BAPTIZED! It was such a happy day. Really though. She was so cute and so excited. She got there super early and stayed really late because she just didn't want to go home and have the feeling go away. It was the most spiritual baptismal service I have ever been to. She was so excited and everything was very heartfelt. She has truly been changed and you can literally see it. She just radiates happiness and peace that the gospel brings. Light. She just radiates light. Joyce bore her testimony at the baptism and she was so nervous! Which is so funny because she is a talker, and you can rarely get her to stop talking. Apparently she doesn't like talking in front of crowds but really wanted to share her thoughts. We helped her draft out her ideas and she did so well. She was confirmed on Sunday and it was the best. Her confirmation blessing said that "her Heavenly Father was proud of her as was her family on the other side." I know that meant a lot as most of her family has passed away, including her mother and her husband. She is planning on going to the temple to do their work in February!
I feel so blessed to be able to watch people learn and grow in the gospel. It was amazing to see the change in Joyce's life as we met with her and invited her to come closer to Christ. She accepted that invitation and I have been able to witness all the blessings that she has received, both physically and spiritually. Missionary work truly brings such great joy to all parties involved.
Funny story about joy. One of the members in our ward was like "don't you girls ever get sick of being happy all the time? You sister missionaries are just always smiling and giggling. It's got to be exhausting." At first I was like NO. I am not that "giggly sister missionary"!- but I AM! I am happy, always smiling, always giggling. I'd never been a giggler. I'm enthusiastic about everything. To others it might even be borderline obnoxious. Joyce was even like, "I thought you girls were faking being so nice and excited. But you can't help it." All day long I am doing the work of the Lord. I am sharing with them the beautiful message of Christ's gospel. It is the best! I love it. I may or may not have developed a sister missionary voice as well. Whatevs.  I was considering staging a self intervention, but I'm accepting it.
Sorry I'm not sorry that the gospel makes me super happy! (Even if I do have a slight sister missionary voice.)

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