Thursday, 10 January 2013


Who says I can't hashtag things anymore/I don't even know if that is still a thing. Funny story about hashtag. Sister Sant was writing a friend of hers and wanted to write something funny. I said she should hashtag something in the letter... because a well placed hashtag is always a crowd pleaser. So I came to read what she was writing and she put: I just found out that if you want to make something cool you have to "hashtag" it. I then informed her of what a hashtag was. Anyway. Now that I'm telling the story, it's not that funny, but it was at the time. Bottom line - I'm probably out of the loop already and I don't even want to know what I'll be missing out on come six months from now. #itdoesn'tmatter
This week has been a total miracle! Joyce has progressed SO much. So so much. I can't even explain it. We taught her the word of wisdom on Monday and she loved it. She loved it more than anyone I have ever met. She has smoked her entire life and would often go through a pack and a half a day. After that lesson she began slowing down. She has been coming to church regularly and LOVES it. It has been amazing to see her progression and love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as she has attended church. I think growing up I didn't realize how powerful church is - but it is! So we were sitting in Relief Society and the Elders texted us... random. They were like you should invite Joyce to be baptized, she is ready. We were like okay... let's do it. So after church we invited her to be baptized. We talked to her about the importance of setting a date, and how by having that goal it will make it easier to quit smoking.... because she will have something to work towards.  She was hestitant to set a date, but was like "Well, I want to join the church... bet you didn't think I would say that!" We didn't. So she set a date for January 26th. That's not even the miracle. Later that evening she told us that she didn't even know that she had wanted to join the church before that conversation... but those words just came out of her mouth! She had been praying to know what to do and that was her answer. It's funny because apparently she didn't even think she would say that either. So she quit smoking Monday night, and because of that I am giving up treats... to kind of relate. Not an equal trade off, but as close as I'll get. Let me tell you - it's a sacrifice because we are going to Cheesecake Factory today and I am not even going to order raspberry lemon cheesecake. I was depressed for a solid 10 minutes about it this morning.
Joyce at the Visitor's Center
  Another cool miracle is that Joyce's brother has started listening to our lessons. He is blind, and SUPER funny. He rarely gets out of the house and listens to the bible on CD like nobody's business. We were really nervous to meet him because he knows so much about the bible and we thought he would give us a hard time, but our first lesson was so fun! We invited him to come to the next one and he said he would. He told Joyce later "those girls are good... I don't even know how they got me to come again."He pretends like he's not curious, but he is.  What can I say... we are good. Just kidding! We are nothing, but the Lord works miracles!
I guess that's my theme for the week: miracles. They are real! They happen. I love love love the Bible Dictionary entry for miracles. Unfortunately the Bible Dictionary on doesn't have the info I'm thinking of. So I'll paraphrase and you can look it up. Basically it says that if Jesus Christ truly did perform the atonement--ie, suffer and feel all of our pains and sorrows, die for us, and then live again--then all other miracles cease to be improbable. It is completely possible that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. It is completely possible that our Heavenly Father could help Joyce quit smoking. It is completely possible that lives can be changed as people turn their hearts and faith towards the Savior. The key is faith and action. We need to have the faith and hope that he can do it. Then do something about it, and watch the miracles happen. Because they will! We see miracles daily. Really. The people that we meet and that are a part of those miracles may choose to use their agency in a way that would not lead them closer to the gospel, but that doesn't mean that it's any less of a miracle. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who still has a hand in our lives today.. in the smallest and the largest details of our lives. I know that as we look for the miracles we will see them! It's the best!

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