Friday, 24 August 2012

counting down the days...

 Tuesday, August 27, 2012

I will miss my sis and bro!

saying goodbye to my family at jwa

 Saturday, August 25, 2012


So I have exactly 4 days until I enter the MTC! Crazy. Completely crazy.

I am turning this blog into my mission blog. I have to give Susie Call some blogging lessons stat. Sooo to start out here is a list of some of the more superfluous things I will miss most on my mission (please note this is not at all inclusive). I hope you all enjoy them while I am gone... and write to me about how much you are enjoying them, pretty please.

1. In-N-Out: They might lose money while I'm away.

2. Music: Why does Taylor have to come out with a new album in October? Please start making an update playlist for me now.

3. Animals: Specifically my animals. I love Kwazi and Finley. And all other animals.  In honor of Maryn and my visit to the San Diego Zoo yesterday I wanted an excuse to post my favorite animal related videos. Enjoy.
You can't watch this video without being happy. Cutest EVER. 

4. Teaching: I am sad not to be starting another school year. I miss my students from last year lots! Not going to lie I am pretty jealous of all my teacher friends.

5. Jcrew: You can't online shop on a mission?

6. Swimming: I'll have to channel my inner mermaid in some other way.

7. Sleeping in

I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of other things, and please note this doesn't include any of my wonderful friends or family. I will miss them most of all!

Mostly I am super excited. I honestly can't wait to get out there. Awkward pre-MTC limbo is just about killing me.

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Cher said...

School started two days ago. We missed you knowing you weren't there :-( but you have such exciting things ahead! Good luck to you.