Monday, 2 March 2009

thoughts from a desk at the harold b. lee library.

Okay so I have been a very poor blogger. But as I sit here in the library utterly miserable from being stressed by all the midterms I have procrastinated studying for I thought I would turn my procrastination into something a little worthwhile and write something on my blog that nobody but myself and my mother read.  So here goes. 

Update on Life: 
For those of you who aren't aware I am going to be an elementary teacher.  I decided this semester and I am quite excited about it (despite the fact that I will be getting paid next to nothing for a job that is difficult). 

It seems like a good fit mainly because I kind of act like a 7 year old a lot and I figured I should probably hang out with kids my own age.  I think the fact that the nickelcade is one of my favorite provo hangouts is evidence of this, and my adoration of the dinosaur stickers I am able to win by obsessively playing games and winning tickets also proves that point. 

Also the saying "those that can't do teach" can be kind of true in my case. Its not that I can't do anything its just that I can't do any one things well.  I can however understand everything at about an elementary level, so no fear future parents your children are in good hands.  I can handle the addition, subtraction, and times tables... I might be a little iffy on carrying over for big numbers but I'll work on it. 

Plus I like teaching and I like children. So why not teach the children? And I'll get to decorate my classroom and color. And I am really excited to make a difference someone's life.  I would love to teach inner city kids or something like that.  We will see.  For now I had better get back to studying human development so that I can stay in college. 


Lisa Jarvie said...

Hi Lauren--I also read your blog, so make that THREE people who now know you are going to teach elementary school! And I thinks it's a great choice!
Love you.....

Kenzie K. said...

Count me in as FOUR . . . I'm so excited you decided to be a elementary school teacher, you are going to be great! Keep posting! Love ya girlie . . . Kenzie