Saturday, 14 March 2009

a spoon full of sugar...

Twice a week for a few hours a day I am happy to take a break from the studying to work. Yeah, I am happy to go to work and thats because I work at the cutest/most adorable/most delicious cupcake bakery on the planet... The Sweet Tooth Fairy. 

I get to enjoy all the broken cookies, lick my fingers after frosting cookies and cupcakes and other delicious treats (and then wash my hands of course). It is delightful and I love it.  My favorite treats...
1. Peach Cupcake
2. Iced Oatmeal Cookie
3. Orange Roll Cupcake... Lemon Cupcake... okay just all the cupcakes.

It's too bad I don't like chocolate (for those of you who were unaware, I know I am crazy and not a woman and everything else, but I do like Christmas and puppies and babies, so does that make up for it?).  If I did like chocolate I am sure these little babies would be at the top of my list.  They are called cakebites and even Rachel Ray is a fan.  

So come visit me at work! And try a treat... I'll warn you though. You'll probably get addicted. 

Oh and if you want to check it out click here


Kenzie K. said...

Lauren - I'll always support you in the "chocolate-is-yucky" club! I'm going to have to visit you at work soon!

Anonymous said...

ooooh those sound right up my alley ! Your the only girl I know who can work at a place like that and stay so thin since your not tempted to eat the chocolate. I would be a good year blimp!