Thursday, 11 December 2008

The End.

I am sitting here amongst the three large bags of things I brought to London. I have finished packing up my London life... and am trying not to think about the massive charges I will get for my overweight bags. But that's not really what's on my mind. I am thinking about all the million things I will miss here.  I have fallen head over heels in love with this place.  I love everything about it. Being here has changed me in so many ways. I have grown up so much in the past 4 four months, in ways that I didn't even know possible. I have met 42 amazing friends who are such wonderful people. I learn from them everyday. Coming here was a dream come true. I have always wanted to go, and here I am... 4 months later and I feel like I haven't woken up yet. This whole time has seemed like dream. England is magical.  Everyday I just fall in love even more.  

I love the random faces that I see on the tube. 
I love the beautiful parks that seem to be right out of a storybook. 
I love the london dogs, that are more like people.  
I love all the london animals, the sauntering squirrels, and the friendly pigeons.  
I love the architecture and being awestruck everyday by the amazing buildings, including the one I live in. 
I love the National Gallery, and the way that it taught me to fall in love with art. 
I love the greenest green I have ever seen... in all the plants and hills here. 
I love getting so excited to see an empty tube train and not having to fight to get a seat.
I love having dinner with 42 of my closest friends.  
I love the feeling of coming home after being away for a couple of days. 
I love the shows I get to go see.
I love my professors, who teach me so much and have helped to make this experience even more meaningful.
I love St. Pauls. 
I love  being so tired and sleeping so well every night.
I love 27 Palace Court. 
I love Shakespeare, and the RSC.
I love the tube and all the billions of places that it takes me.
I love my ward... and really loving and caring about people I hardly know. 
I love grilled toastie sandwiches at Bourough's market.
I love my roommates.
I love the opera, and the ballet.
I love talking about feelings.  
I love Tony the busdriver, even when he tells stories about war monuments while I am trying to nap. 
I love movie nights in the classroom. 
I love playing Spaz. 
I love being the only one in the room and finding a bit of peace and quiet.
I love having 12 awesome roommates, so that I can enjoy my peace and quiet.
I love walking in the city alone, and just being in the city alone.
I love the markets, especially Portobello.
I love searching for Peter Pan books, and getting to hold ones that are 800 pounds.
I love old books.
I love all the adorable London families. 
I love the little children's school uniforms, and matching hats, and backpacks and everything. 
I love Victoria station and traveling there every Sunday. 
I love talking to my mom on Sundays.
I love getting letters in London, and putting the letters I send in the pretty red mailboxes here.
I love the double decker buses. 
I love my camera. 
I love escalators. 
I love palaces and pretty places that we go visit. 
I love the Queen... even if I never got to see her, or meet her.  
I love pounds. 
I love Marks and Spencer, and Percy Pigs.
I love Monet, Van Gogh, Holbien, Turner, Renior, Constable, Degas, Cezanne, Rodin, Caravaggio, and all the other artists I have fallen in love with here. 
I love being so excited to wake up every morning and knowing that I will have an adventure every day. 
I love the person that I have come to be here. 
I love all the other millions of things I can't even remember right now.  

I just can't really bear to say goodbye. So I guess I'll just say see you later... 

I am in denial that I am leaving on tomorrow and I don't know if it will even hit me until I have woken up from my 48 hour post-London recuperation nap that I am planning to take.  I'll wake up with all the other things I love, my family, my home, Christmas, Kwazi, my bed, and 2 weeks of relaxation. And although I will miss my new home very much it is no replacement for my old home.  I am just so grateful to have had this amazing life-changing opportunity.  

I love you London... and I will miss you oh so very much. 


Alison said...

We've loved reading your London Blog! So happy you got to have a magical semester. Wish we could've come and seen you! Welcome home!

Alex said...

Oh I love it all. And I love you. I'm so happy I got to spend that magical time with you!
You're amazing and see you soon!

Ronaldo7 said...

Good List...I miss all of those things to. You almost made me cry with this post.

Nicole said...

I miss London SO much! Can we please get together and talk about it again?! Love you girl!