Monday, 25 November 2013

hello hello from Clinton, MO

Several of the Sister Missionaries on Transfer Day
Many of my past companions

So this week has been AWESOME. Full of finding miracles. I'm so grateful for Sister Boswell because she is such a hard worker. She was always like "Ok, Sister Call, we had better go, lets work, lets go find people, I'm only here for two weeks!" We have been pushing each other a lot this week to really find those that the Lord has prepared. It is amazing the difference between full proselyting and the Visitors Center. At the VC we would have maybe 4 hours a day for proselyting. Add in a dinner, that's only 3 hours, add in some meetings and you may not even get out that day.
We have ALL day here. It's been an adjustment but a good one. I have found myself far more confident in my ability to talk to random strangers and talk to everyone. I have made that a goal this week and for the remainder of my time here to talk to everyone I see about the restored gospel. And I don't even hesitate to do it anymore. This is a huge contrast to my very first day proselyting. Poor Sister Sant had to deal with me. I remember we had an appointment fall through and we had some extra time to knock doors. Don't ask me why but I freaked out. What was I expecting? That I wouldn't knock doors on a mission? Anyway, it stressed me out... I kind of had a mild breakdown and I figured if I could eat up enough time feeling bad for myself then we wouldn't have to knock any doors. It worked. I think that is hilarious now looking back that I was such a complete basket case. Bottom line is it is nice to look back and see the change.
That was something that I certainly have overcome with the help of my Savior. I love people more now, and I desire their happiness more. I know that the message we share brings that and I want everyone to have it. Even if they look scary or rich or whatever. It is amazing to see people's hearts soften as we testify and teach them.
So. Back to the miracles. I have a HUGE testimony of goals. They increase our vision of what we can accomplish. This week Sister Boswell and I set some pretty lofty goals. Go big or go home, right? We had an overall goal to teach 33 lessons and find 8 new friends to share the gospel with. We went out and we worked, and the Lord really did lead us to where we needed to be and who we needed to see. This week we taught 38 lessons and found 10 new friends! We exceeded every goal that we set. I have such a testimony that the Holy Spirit really does lead and guide us, and it is by simple things, like our thoughts. Nothing we did was extraordinary. We prayed, we listened, and then we went out to work knowing that if we were doing our best the Lord would take care of the rest. And he did. I'm so grateful for that. Miracles really do happen! 

Hmmm... Ok. Funny stories. We have met a few teenage boys tracting and EVERY single one of them ends up texting us. We invite them to learn more. They say they want to and then end with the line... "Well, I hope you girls know you are really beautiful". All of them! Obviously the conversation ends shortly thereafter. haha 

I don't even really know what else to say... Sister Penman, my  new companion is coming tomorrow. We will be in a trio for about a day and then drop Sister Boswell off when we have Thanksgiving dinner with her family. So that will be fun. It will be interesting to start all over with the 12 week program and training. Whoohoo! Miracle week round 2. I'm excited to meet her. It will be hard to say goodbye to Sister Boswell though. 

We got our picture taken for the Clinton newspaper. We ended up that very day on the front page, right underneath the picture of an obvious criminal. Whoohoo! Glad we were in such good company. Hopefully people will read the paper and will realize that we aren't criminals as we are traipsing through their neighborhood. 

I received word from Sister Harding that everything is going great with Sherry and JR. They are getting married and baptized December 7th. Sherry even invited me to be one of her bridesmaids. Can we talk about a dream come true family? I love them so much.

Historic Liberty Jail on the right and the Liberty House on the left.  It's been my home sweet home for the past few months.

One last photo at the HLJ - I am sure going to miss this place.

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