Friday, 21 May 2010

the things i learned in egypt.

1. I learned that hot doesn't exist between the hours of 7 am and 6 pm in Egypt, rather it is scorching. 122 degrees makes me feel like I am a cupcake baking the oven. Its not pleasant.

2. I learned that dehydration is serious business and that it is possible for me to down 3 liters of water in one day (that's a lot of water by the way).

3. I learned that Israel (on the way to Egypt) has its very own version of Moab... except it has pretty white rocks instead of red.

4. I learned how to take cheesy pictures in front of Egyptian monuments.

5. I learned that it is possible to be violated by a form of transportation. We took a night train from Luxor to Cairo. I didn't eat. I only slept because I knocked myself out with sleeping pills (best idea ever). And I woke up in the morning with flea bites... disgusting.

6. I learned how to keep it cool on the nile.

7. I learned that it is possible to remain healthy in Egypt. You just don't eat the food, drink the water, and sanitize your hands every 10 minutes.

8. The term carbo-load has a whole new meaning. Bread, rice, and bottled water were on the menu 3 meals a day, all week.

9. I learned how to ride a camel, and that riding a camel can give you bruises the next day.

10. I learned to not only accept but welcome my chaco tan.

11. I learned that some Egyptian merchants can be even more stubborn than I am, but for the most part I can still get what I want.

12. I learned that I am so very blessed to have grown up in the United States and to have economic, political, and most importantly religious freedoms. Cairo is incredibly impoverished and I realized how blessed I am to be getting an education and to have lived in great comfort my entire life.

13. I learned that the Egyptian people are so friendly and kind. I was able to meet up with my friend Sean who is on a study abroad in Cairo for Arabic. There were a number of people from my group that met up with friends in his group. We were able to see the real side of Cairo while with them and I was amazing by the kindness and generosity of the people that we met, both on the street and the subway.

14. I learned that sunrise on Mount Sinai can be life-changing.

(and no... this wasn't photoshopped)

15. I learned that friends can become family after only a month.

16. I learned that Jerusalem is home... and it is so good to be back.


bethany jane. said...

Hey you! So, I'm blog-stalking you now. You're right... Egypt is crazy, and so I hope you don't mind that when I need an escape from Cairo I plan on hopping on over to the Holy Land via your blog... It sounds like you didn't get sick! Thank goodness... and the night train! Ew! I feel your pain. Seriously... can you even believe what they call breakfast?! I'm taking that cursed rail-car again in a couple weeks, and I'm thinking sleeping pills are brilliant. I can't wait to relive Jerusalem through your blog! Don't get too busy for it. Oh, and Sinai changed my life as well.

(Sorry this is so long, I just realize it's not easy to communicate through facebook... consider this a wall-post.)

Musing Elitist said...

fantastic post. i'm jealous that you had friends to show you the REAl Egypt...